How we work

We believe in working together, creating a smooth flow of business. We need to know all the client needs as much as clients need to be familiar with our business policies and processes.

Know our Results and our Values – we do our best to get a fair picture about us; customers quotes and up to date results
We listen – your needs in definite terms are important for us
Confidentiality –we are looking to provide you with full confidentiality space, we are willing to sign a NDA to build the confidence of both parties
Project Process – realistic plans for any software development project (estimation of effort and time) is crucial for success.We have in place the right people, knowledge and processes to deliver a flexible, scalable and adaptive software development experience.
Communication – We consider communication, together with project process, a must for the success of nearshore software development projects. We establish and follow an effective communication protocol, we respond promptly to your feedback.
Quality – is considered by us in all the processes within the company and in every activity directly related to nearshore projects: analysis, design, development, testing, preparing documentation, installing, training, maintenance and support.
Project progress – clients have the facility of tracking and handling issues and request for change is the web-based project management software based on separate ID provided by us