Yesterday was about India, today is about Romania

The 2h30′ time difference between Romania and India is enough reason for western software companies to often hire a nearshore software development company from Romania. With a manageable time difference of one or two hours, customer’s team collaborate with our engineers during office hours.

The shift of global software corporations in their software outsourcing preferences is a direct result of the highly competitive costs and the rich supply of IT specialists with excellent technical and linguistic skills, according to Offshore Romania, a 2003 report by Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC). We can add the government’s support for the IT and software industry, mostly injected by means of solid national associations of software companies.

“Outsourcing Romania” is a paradigm that presents an ever increasing appeal for software houses and customers from Western Europe and North America based on attractive advantages:

  • Romania as outsourcing destination offers you at least 50% – 75% off software development costs, while working with a partner with similar culture and values.
  • Romania is now a member of the European Union, which decreases market operational risks and transaction costs.
  • With a high-speed broadband internet ranking 4th worldwide, Romania is where global players can outsource programming tasks inexpensively in exchange for high quality results.
  • Favorable geographical location and compatible time zones – situated at the junction of European transportation corridors no. 4, 7 and 9, you can reach Romania by a 2-3 hours flight from any European destination or 8 hours flight from the east cost of the US. Romanian developers are able to work with U.S clients during the day. Some African cities share a similar time zone with our country, and others are one to two hours behind. In short, a Romanian programmer can enter into a suitable deal with any worldwide client.
  • Impressive linguistic skills – the Eastern European Translators Association classed Romanians as the best speakers of foreign languages in Europe, with 60% of the them speaking a foreign language, 25% speaking two foreign languages and 4% more than two foreign languages. English is the preferred language in software programs, but the Romanians’ competitive edge comes from their ability to speak at least one more foreign language (German, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Swedish, Greek, Finnish, Danish).
  • Rich pool of developers – Statistics indicate Romania having approximately 45,000 software developers, with 5,000 graduates choosing to pursue Information Technology studies every year. Also, Romania is a renowned country for its advanced education system that has helped prepare the most talented and intelligent software programmers worldwide.

Romania is a reliable provider for nearshore / offshore software development outsourcing services.