Romanian Programmers Earn Accolades Worldwide

Did you know that Romanian programmers are:

  • at least as good as those from India, China or Russia
  • among the most affordable in the world while not compromising quality
  • skilled not only with the “mouse” but also with the words (their linguistic competences are rated the best in Europe)

For those interested, let’s briefly enumerate the main factors that make Romania a major destination for developers in search of quality software outsourcing services:

  • the experience that many Romanian IT specialists bring back home after having worked in developed countries. According to recent polls conducted by the Romanian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, the brain drain Romania has long experienced is on the wane and more and more IT specialists prefer Romania over the developed world.
  • An important number of Romanians studying and graduating abroad is a positive sign for the labour market since this reflects the education and skills of the Romanian specialists. Once returned in the country they find companies that respond to their career expectations.
  • the relatively low cost of living in Romania, as opposed to those in other European countries
  • the highly competitive rates practiced by Romanian providers of software outsourcing services
  • Romanian programmers are now challenged in R&D projects, innovating with success on current needs of the world

Well prepared during school and practice, Romanian programmers make a difference in engineering your software solution.