MVP Development

Our MVP (Minimal Viable Product) development services ensure the creation of vendible software solutions. We make sure you have great software products by mixing well-trained developers with best-class technologies to work on your projects.
It’s your choice: either hire us to accompany you in your software development project from idea to prototype or trust us with your hero software development solution.

How we can work together

Depending on your project specifics and needs you can choose between two collaboration models:

Fixed Price Model

From simple prototypes, minimal viable products to complex enterprise solutions, a software project developed on the fixed price model is built on a well defined software development process with strategically set milestones.

Transparency is our key differentiator for a successful collaboration. That is why, we communicate with you at every phase of the project. This way, each software project is scaled individually as a result of a faithful compliance to the distinct development milestones.

Dedicated Team Model

You will get cost-effective extended development resources assigned exclusively for you, retaining your unique domain knowledge and, at your choice, a product manager or designer.

A team will take after their manager. That is why, we provide experienced team managers with the necessary skills to assemble teams and execute the project plan with the right output in terms of productivity and quality. They ensure the use of the right technical knowledge and skills to meet specific project needs.



Nestore - Empowering Healthy Ageing Companion

Innovative personalized coaching system to support healthy, independent ageing.
It generates motivation and suggests nutrition, physical activities and social interactions to preserve well-being.



ArdoCARE Digital Management of Hospitals and Clinics

Easy-to-use, customizable EMR solution ensuring digital management of health data, ArdoCARE is suitable for various types of facilities, from single-specialty health centers and clinics to multispecialty hospitals, private or public.



T-Space Collaborative Tool for Efficient Teamwork

Project Management Software equipped with all you need to track a project from kick-off to launch.
The flexibility and the intuitive features of the app are the key to your team’s improved collaboration and productivity.