Full Software Development Life Cycle

We engage our software product development expertise in a full lifecycle software development process, resulting in a solution that best suits customers’ needs.

What customers appreciate most is our expertise finished by the final touch of soft skills. Moreover, our customers have the guarantee that it is not all about carrying out the most complex solutions, but to carry out the solutions that best suit their needs. This can be a standard solution, such as a project management application, or an all-inclusive specially tailored complaint management application.

Software Consulting

Services centered around your specific needs

Software Development

Customized software implementation

Software Services

Support and optimization for your applications

Nearshore-Romania proved outstanding technical competence with MS.NET and SharePoint in dealing with our highly complex application. With excellent technical and communication skills, they delivered quality results in a very satisfying time frame.

ChristianCTO - C&S GmbH, Germany

We contracted software development services from Nearshore-Romania and received a more than satisfying web based CRM, delivered faster than expected. We were impressed by their commitment and true understanding of the industry FMTec operates in. Good job, guys!

MariusHead of R&D - FMTec, Austria

Software Consulting

Our software consulting services are centered on your specific needs; based on our comprehensive knowledge of technology and software development, you will obtain best results.

Requirements Management

As long as we understand project requirements, we can produce the expected results. This involves communication between the project team members and stakeholders, and adjustment to requirements changes throughout the course of the project. Our requirements management focuses on organization documents, verifying and meeting the needs and expectations of project and internal or external stakeholders.

System Analysis

Once requirements are formalized, development process can start after the system analysis, a process that focuses on features, duplication and integration of new systems within existing ones.

Risk Analysis

Today IT systems are complex and critical for our business. Risk must be identified and managed during all project phases. We are providing risk services that allow identifying, monitoring and taking the right decision early at each stage of projec

Process Optimization

The success of customized software is not only a matter of technology, it is also about quality and processes involved. Process optimization activities are needed for each project with sustainable results.

Software Development

Your dreamed customized solution is achieved in cooperation with our experienced software developers. Software Development services cover all stages of the application life cycle from requirements through design, test and implementation, all customized.

Software Architecture Design

Early and careful architecture design greatly reduces the failure rates of software projects – that is why we assign this task to our most qualified and experienced employees. The functional requirements for software system are split into a set of interacting components in the case of a good architecture design.

Software Implementation

Our skilled professional and right methodologies offer software implementation process that deliver turnkey applications and opportunity for timely return of investments (ROI)

Software Test

QA and Testing approach is tailored to meet each project specific needs and environment. Methodology is designed to prevent defects from occurring, thereby producing higher quality software, reducing costs, increasing speed to market, and improving end-user satisfaction.

Project Management

Efficient project management is needed for any project and more necessary when complexity is high. Our experts in domain work closely with you to ensure optimal project management procedures in order to guarantee that outcome is completed on time and budget

Software Services

Our proven experience in handling software implementation ensures that your team will accept the new systems enthusiastically and use them to deliver maximum results in their daily activities and for the company.
We also ensure that such systems are managed in the right condition to guarantee their long life-cycle.

Software Reengineering

Systems must evolve as new business processes are developed. The difficulty of changing existing software is perhaps the most significant barrier to process change in current industrial, commercial and public organizations. Years of experience reengineering recommends us to those organizations that demands for new technical infrastructure or for entire software redesign to new technologies.

Software Implementation

Application performance influence business processes a great deal. Our technical team finds it natural to diagnose and correct application performance and enhance your business at the next level.

User Training

We provide personalized end users as well train-the-trainer courses for software exploitation or courses focused on specific technologies and development processes.

Software Maintenance

Your software supports your organization and you need that software running smoothly. We provide expertise and experts in maintenance for your customized or standard software that is in exploitation. Our services are tailored at the exact level you choose.


Modern BI Solution for Performing IT Systems

Information is provided whenever asked for in a consistent, precise and integrated manner!


Project Review Software for Project Managers

PReS is a system designed for project evaluation/reviews inside an organization. It assists project managers and the organization executives in tracking the evolution of the projects in real time and detect the issues as soon as possible.


iMobileDistribution: Android Sales Force Automation

iMD provided us with optimization of the sales force by using mobile devices.


Highly Complex Payroll Application Driven by MSSQL

After the implementation of the new application, our cost savings are significant.


Collaborative Platform on Notes

Although a complex solution, it simplified our work – mission accomplished for us!