Intranet and web portal for National Agency for Aquaculture

GDPR compliant application to collect newsletter subscriptions

Real Estate Simulator App – Developer’s Platform

Enterprise Collaborative Portal

Efficient Team Work

Collaboration Manager

User-friendly interface for enterprise portal

Online Dashboard and Alerts with Liferay

Domain Role User Management Library

Health Awareness App

Data Management with Liferay

Fully-equipped web app for real-estate agencies

Workforce management app

Conference Call Anytime Anywhere

Virtual Shopping Resort – Map & More

Mobile application for document management

EPT – POS solutions

Customer Management Application

Lightweight SCM Platform


DiFac: web-based collaborative platform

Integrated e-Learning Platform

Integrated platform for SME business management

User Account Administration

Re-engineering of ETL process

Server Monitoring Expertise

Web Hosting Expertise

Notes Development Expertise

Oracle DB + Oracle EBS Administration

Linux Servers Management

Project Review Software

Customizable Project Management Solution