Long-term business relationships are based on mutual trust and respect

From the four main software development collaboration models, we will offer you the one which best suits your needs. We can also adapt it as per your requirements or we can define a mixed business model.

 Dedicated Development Team

Also known as Offshore Development Center or Dedicated Development Center, this model is the most preferred by our partners, that is those customers who are looking for long-term partnerships and want to take advantage of the benefits of offshore outsourcing. Our local center / team acts as an extension of the customer’s own engineering facility and incorporates resources with various specializations, to implement the customer’s own development processes.

Dedicated Team

Time & Material Model

This model is suitable for software projects whose duration and plans are not precisely defined from the beginning. Before any such project begins, we provide you with the effort estimates, project timeline, material/resource estimates and other vital figures to help you decide on financials. With this model, Nearshore-Romania offers customers the freedom to modify specifications based on upcoming market trends. At the same time, we provide experienced, skilled, motivated consultants to work hand in hand with you to ensure quality solutions.

Turnkey Projects

Also known as the Fixed Price model, this model is suitable for customers with well-defined requirements and project schedules who are looking for collaborations with precise beginnings and endings, while several alternatives are being examined. Normally, this model requires a well-defined Software Requirement Specifications document provided by the customer who has all technical aspects set (technology platforms, database model or software architecture).

 Strategic Partnership

The strategic partnership model is the most suitable for customers who are looking for a longstanding software development trusted provider to respond to challenging business needs and strategies. We act as a valued partner on your side ensuring reliable resources for your dedicated teams to deliver the expected results and add value to the products they develop for you.

Mixed Model

If none of the above models is suitable for your business needs, Nearshore-Romania is flexible enough and open-minded so that together we can create a new model by mixing elements of the above options. Whatever the model, we will always be engaged in helping you grow by optimizing your IT costs and eliminating overhead.