Software Development Tools

Project management:
  • Project planning: iManagement, MS Project, Trac
  • Effort estimation: PERT Model, Gantt Charts
  • Reporting & Monitoring: iManagement, Proprietary Time Reporting Application
  • Change request management: iManagement, Bugzilla, Trac, MKS
Software analysis, architecture and design:
  • Requirements: MS Visio, Sybase
  • Modeling & Design:
  • Rational Rose
  • ERWin, ERStudio
  • BoUML, TogetherJ
Communication tools:
  • Exchange of project related information
  • source codes, documentation: CVS, SVN, Perforce, SourceSafe
  • questions & answers, analysis, reports: Wiki, Trac, SLOX, iPortal
  • Exchange of large quantity of information – FTP server access
Supporting tools:
  • Organization and human resources management: iManagement
  • Customer relationship management: iCRM tool
  • Platform for social networking: iPortal
Development environments and tools:
  • Eclipse, J2ME Polish, ANT, IntelliJ Idea
  • MS Visual Studio 2005/2008, VIM, Incredibuild
  • Static Code Checks: PMD, CheckStyle, Cobertura
  • Microsoft Expression Tools