GDPR compliant application to collect newsletter subscriptions

Real Estate Simulator App – Developer’s Platform

Enterprise Collaborative Portal

Efficient Team Work

Collaboration Manager

Angular front end for enterprise portal

Online Dashboard and Alerts with Liferay

Domain Role User Management Library

Health Awareness App

Beacon Distress

Data Management with Liferay

Workforce management app

Video HR Platform

Conference Call Anytime Anywhere

Virtual Shopping Resort – Map & More

Mobile application for document management

EPT – POS solutions

Customer Management Application

Lightweight SCM Platform


DiFac: web-based collaborative platform

Integrated e-Learning Platform

Integrated platform for SME business management

User Account Administration

Re-engineering of ETL process

Server Monitoring Expertise

Server Backup

Web Hosting Expertise

Notes Development Expertise

Secured E-mail

Oracle DB + Oracle EBS Administration

Linux Expertise

Project Review Software

Customizable Project Management Solution