Notes applications to power up social businesses

Enhanced value collaboration platforms are delivered by a team of masters with proven capabilities in Notes and Domino application development.

We offer clients quick results, value for money and return on investment based on Notes software services ready to be designed, implemented and deployed.

Our team has succeeded in various Notes Domino application development and integration projects. Our expertise with Notes and Domino dates back to its version 4 and still rolling.

Service Offerings

Notes and Domino
Notes client design/development of large highly-scalable applications
Web design/development of modern applications, i.e. xPages, Bootstrap
Domino Volt. Build Enterprise Apps Lightning Fast
Mobile device implementation
Consuming Web Services from within applications
Web application development

Notes applications
Integrating MS Office with Notes applications
Domino servers
Installation and Maintenance.
Migration of Domino server/ applications/ mails to latest version

Onsite management services
Remote management services

Flexible Decision Making Platform

The software platform was installed with success in the forecasted time and costs and it is now used naturally by our staff.


Notes Development Expertise

Installation and remote administration of Domino servers and Notes clients for various customers.


Collaborative Platform on Notes

Although a complex solution, it simplified our work – mission accomplished for us!