We practice flexible Delivery Models

To salute various needs of customers from different parts of the world and different cultures, we propose various alternatives of delivering software services.

Dedicated Team in Nearshore

Project based Model

Onsite+Nearshore Center

Dedicated Team in Nearshore

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Development Team is the delivery method preferred by our customers because the teams we put together meet their long-term needs. Dedicated Team comes with reliability, trust and flexibility in the same package. The customer is permanently in direct contact with us and benefiting from a transparent workflow and flexible engagement contract.


Time & Material

This model is suitable for software projects whose duration and plans are not precisely defined from the beginning. We can provide at your request effort estimation, project timeline, material/resource estimates and other vital figures to help you decide on financials.


Mixed model

If none of the above models is suitable for your business needs, we are flexible enough and open-minded so that together we can create a new model by mixing elements of the above options. Whatever the model, we will always be engaged in helping you grow by optimizing your IT costs and eliminating overhead.

Project-based model

Also known as the Fixed Price model, it is suitable for customers who are looking for collaborations with precise beginnings and endings. Requirements and project schedules are well-defined: what needs to be delivered, when, and with what costs, while several alternatives are being examined. Normally, this model requires the customer to have all technical aspects (technology platforms, database model or software architecture) set and provide the specifications.

Under this model, projects are developed in several fixed price iterations and delivered based on time and budget.

Delivery methods by location

Nearshore Development Center

Nearshore-Romania Development Center impersonates a highly specialized pool of developers located in our offices, but actually working as a remote extension of the customer’s team. This business method ensures optimized costs in terms of improved management and quick allocation of resources.
We prefer the nearshore business model for its flexibility in collaboration and the facile access to a large pool of highly skilled IT specialists as an advantage for the customer.


Mixed model: Onsite + Nearshore Center

Sometimes, to ensure efficient communication and the expected results, it is imperious for our specialists to be present at the customer’s premises, especially in critical phases of the projects: consulting, kick-off, knowledge transfer, delivery. Team members will work for definite periods of time on your location performing requested tasks and being integrated in your team. To talk numbers, we think that up to four weeks at a time at the customer’s office over a period of few days up to 3 months usually works for middle and senior developers.