Why dedicated development team?

Dedicated development team is a very popular solution among companies for cost-effective extended development resources assigned exclusively for customers and retaining their unique domain knowledge.

Nearshore Software Development Center in Sibiu – Romania is a solution if you are looking for:

Cost reduction – up to 50%

Customized solutions

Quality = skilled engineers + accurate working procedures

Cultural & geographic proximity

Budget, reports, and schedules control over all project phases

Technology masters

Our team of professionals chooses from a wide range of cutting edge technologies and combines them in an innovative vision of the project, so that in the end the client is delivered high-quality customized results.



Testing & QA








How it works

We analyze business opportunities in depth.

By signing a NDA agreement, we build a confidentiality framework between both parties – you and us.

You make the team of highly-experienced engineers

It’s on you to choose your team by interviewing them or taking a competence test. After all the dedicated team will work under your management. All the engineers in the dedicated team work under your instruction and are directly accessible by email, instant messenger and phone, anytime you need them. The dedicated team will be available to you at a fixed fee per person per month.

We create a professional environment for the team to perform

It’s on us to provide all other facilities like workspace, computer furniture, computer systems, consumables, uninterrupted power supply and high-speed internet connectivity. Yet, any specific hardware or 3rd party software required will have to be ensured by you. We strictly adhere to clients’ business critical objectives while mutually considering the ideas, design validations, development processes, test plans and schedules for implementing a certain project.

Handle your software development quickly and efficiently

Our local center / team acts as an extension of the customer’s own engineering facility and incorporates resources with various specializations, to implement the customer’s own development processes. We make available teams of various sizes made up of actors from software developers, Quality Assurance to Project Managers based on customers’ needs.

Why us

1. Software engineers

We work with skilled engineers and make them happy by providing them with a healthy work – life balance and flexible working hours and locations. Next to open communication accurate working procedures, this favors a stable, organic growth with very low staff turnover.


2. Technical competence

We “breathe” technology, our specialists are up to date with latest developments on their field. Our expertise on leading platforms and technologies allows us to deliver best solutions for your requirements.

3. Project transparency

All projects details are transparent to our customers: project plan and status, task assignments and issues/tickets. We give you access to our internal project planning and monitoring infrastructure at the detail level you require.

4. Flexibility

Nearshore Romania has a mature organization structure with a mainly flat hierarchy which gives us the speed and flexibility to adapt to project and customer needs. The dedicated team model suits us perfectly.

5. Domain knowledge

Our competences are not reduced to technical ones; we have a deep knowledge of the relevant core business processes, particularly in manufacturing, retail, logistic, IT.


Startup Stock Photos

Flexible Decision Making Platform

“The software platform was installed with success in the forecasted time and costs and it is now used naturally by our staff.”


Document Management for Real Estate

Fully Equipped Document Manager in Real Estate

“Outsourcing to Nearshore-Romania, we achieved the expected results in the forecasted time and costs, which are key aspects for a public institution.”


Knowledge and Document Manager

Complete Knowledge and Document Manager in Constructions

“Nearshore Romania allowed us achieve the expected results in the forecasted time and costs.”