Testing efforts are critical for long-term solutions

Testing-and-QA services, tailored to meet each client’s specific needs and environment, are crucial in nearshore custom software development. We provide testing & QA services at all and any level of a project:

QA engineers ensure software quality across all groups and all software projects within each group

QA experts formulate a long-term QA strategy based on an analysis of objectives, laying down the software quality roadmap

All testing processes are realized and tracked on the basis of well-documented, detailed test plans, which are estimated to the level of the task

For tracking we can use our internal tracking tools – with full web access for customers on their projects or installed tracking solution at our customer’s site

We treat customers as an equal part in the project, meaning that QA plans are discussed with the customer periodically.

Nearshore-Romania provides full range of Testing & QA services

We prevent worst scenarios from happening

To meet highest expectations of the end users of a custom software solution, we focus on testing the functions of the systems or its components. Our Testing & QA team have the necessary abilities to prioritize requirements to be tested.

We find issues at an early stage.

Testing source code or modules of an application as well as associated control data, usage procedures, and operating procedures by individual units is how we build a reliable software solution. Our developers gracefully use the White Box Texting method to execute unit tests.

We save your time and money.

Automated software testing is critical for continuous delivery and continuous testing. It searches in memory contents, data tables, file contents, and internal program states of an application and determines if the product is behaving as expected. Outsourcing automated software to Nearshore-Romania saves you from a great burden.

We ensure realistic results.

We do Load & Performance testing to check if the system will stand up to a high volume of usage in terms of number of transactions, large amount of data, response times etc.

We let nothing to fate.

Our testers perform static analysis to identify the defects and whether or not they may cause failure. For this, they handle a variety of tools depending on the technology the solution is developed with.

Well-shaped Testing & QA procedures practiced by Nearshore-Romania guarantees quality custom software solutions, that are both beautiful and reliable.

Methodology, either Agile or classical, is designed to prevent faults from occurring, thereby producing higher quality software, reducing costs, increasing speed to market, and improving end-user satisfaction.



Testing & QA – Ultimate Job Platform!

“With complete testing solutions we run a fully reliable job platform serving more than 1,000,000 users every month.”


Automated Testing

Automated Testing – Scheduling Application

“Eliminating the functionality issues, we improved the user interface and performance of the upgraded solution.”



Testing & QA – Flight Booking!

“Automated and functional testing were used for the highest quality of the resulting product in terms of robustness and usability.”