Up-to-date Technical Certifications

We closely collaborate with national and international organizations. To provide premium services for our customers we understand to learn and keep up to date our employees with latest knowledge from IT industry. Thus, we support and facilitate technical certificates such as the following and others per request.

Partner certificate Microsoft

Since 2001 we has understood to provide the best experience to its customers that are using Microsoft platforms. In order to do that, we became Microsoft Certified Partner in 2001 and we certified our first application as Microsoft Certified Product (for Windows 2003 Server, Web Services and SQL 2000 database) in 2005.
Since then we keep the certification level updated for our products and personnel.

IBM Business Partner

Based on our customers’ requests we decided to invest in IBM technologies, becoming IBM Business Partner in 2001; IBM partnership covers:

  • IBM software certifications
  • Products and services corresponding to IBM quality standards
  • Competence in implementing IBM technologies
  • Oracle products are delivered at high standards
  • Technology competences – install and administrate
  • Oracle databases and applications
  • ERP competence – complex implementation of Oracle e Business Suite

Producing high quality software with the resulting benefits involves serious testing efforts. Working with ISTQB certified testers we deliver various benefits:

  • high-quality software results
  • overall reduced costs
  • product speed-to-market
  • beautiful end-user experience