Mobilize your business for new opportunities

With our enterprise mobility solutions, our customers enjoy easy access to shared data and applications from anywhere, better collaboration within large organizations to support faster, more effective decision-making and reduced operating costs.

Nearshore-Romania has loads of experience in industrial automation with mobile applications. We automate field operations and integrate them with corporate business processes via mobile devices. We own a portfolio of mobile app development for SFA, human-machine interaction, personnel planning, inventory managing, banking, hospitality payment, real estate calculators.
Security of the software systems is a default condition to prevent unauthorized access to enterprise mobile applications and protect corporate data stored on mobile devices.

Service Offerings

Enterprise Mobility Consulting

We start with creating a mobile strategy specific to your business. This enables you make a difference on the market.

UI/UX Design

An application with solid foundation deserves a beautiful interface for an exquisite user interface.

Custom Mobile Applications

A mobile app for you only is built based on well-trained development skills and proven experience in various industries.

Mobile Application Integration

Why stop to a mere mobile app? We integrate mobile apps in your one business platform.


SFA in Bakery Manufacturing with iMobileDistribution

iMD provided us with optimization of the overall sales force by using mobile devices.


Next-level Project Management SharePoint Dashboard

"This PMS allowed us have full visibility of the project status, so that we were able to take immediate action.”


Heart Rate Scenario on Call for Your Heart

“Health is not simply the absence of sickness.”


Monitoring App for Better Delivery Results

It was time for us to take our business to the next level and improve our activity and logistic efficiency.