Cloud Solutions

We are time-proven experts in delivering outsourced cloud-based solutions for most disruptive services with complex technical and business requirements.

Unleashing cloud potential for your business

Today solid businesses are in the Cloud enjoying access to data and applications from distributed servers managed and located globally. Data are stored securely and are available upon request.

Nearshore Romania has implemented cloud-based solutions serving enterprise customers in Hospitality, Entertainment and Healthcare and helping disrupting technology companies to process big data and build their infrastructure in the cloud.

Our delivery center in Sibiu supports organizations throughout the development lifecycle from specifications to design, licensing, migration, transition to the cloud infrastructure and ongoing maintenance and support. Driving your transition to the cloud, we make sure you receive the benefits as we help you build your applications with flexibility and simplicity.

Nearshore Romania offers:

  • Cloud applications development
  • Cloud infrastructure services
  • Cloud solutions for Big Data
  • DevOps
  • Consulting services



Cloud-based products and services are enabling users to access systems using a web browser regardless of their location or what device they use (e.g., PC, mobile phone). They can easily connect to distributed infrastructure from anywhere with no latency.


Most cloud solutions provide an opportunity of dynamic scaling of resources almost in real-time. This gives the ability to scale up to meet your organization’s requirements when the usage need increases or down if resources are not being used.

Reduced time to market

Cloud allows you to significantly shorten time to market since you don`t need to build and maintain a platform for your code. Via cloud infrastructure you can frequently and smoothly deliver software updates to your product users.


In terms of security, keeping your application data and infrastructure in the cloud is often better than keeping it on a physical server in your office. Cloud services provider use complex high-end systems to protect your sensitive data and assign dedicated resources to solve any information security issues.


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