Romania’s IT experts

Romanian programmers are appreciated all over the world for the great work they are doing as a result of excellent theoretical background, programming skills and creativity.

They are the key differentiator in the Romanian IT and software landscape:

  • availability of a large pool of highly skilled programmers; Romania has twice as many programmers as the United States per thousand of inhabitants.
  • Romanian programmers master code in solid and present-day programming language but are also proficient in internationally spoken languages (English, German, French, Spanish)
  • Highly competitive rates – doing your custom software development in Romania can cost anywhere from 50% to 75% less that what you would have paid for in-house development
  • the quality of the software outsourcing services is ensured by working in exquisite software outsourcing centers based in Romania
  • well-bred and educated in specialized schools and faculties, Romanian programmers put a valuable theoretical background in their work
  • innovation is ensured by being exposed to R&D projects that aim at improving most present-day needs of the world we live and work in
  • Romanian programmers are driven by passion and devotion, making a difference in every project
  • deep understanding of industries that move the world today: manufacturing, automotive, tourism, health and pharma, e-commerce, financial services and banking
  • geographical and time zone proximity allow our programmers to be able to work with customers in any corner of the world, including U.S. or some parts of Africa or Australia
  • lack of cultural gaps. Romania is part of the Western culture, unlike China or India, which makes it easier for our programmers to understand to just requirements, but also need and to innovate in your benefit
  • well-grounded in the Agile state of mind, our engineers are flexible in responding to any challenge

Romanians are expert figures in the worldwide software picture and they are a resource you can count on.