About Nearshore-Romania

Nearshore-Romania is a product of ROPARDO company. Nearshore-Romania is about software development and IT outsourcing services delivered by an enthusiastic team of specialists based on criteria of quality, time and budget. About ROPARDO

Why us

One of the most important advantages of Nearshore-Romania is its team, capable to develop large projects and to design innovative solutions.


Our rigorous quality policy is based on procedures, processes and not last on people, assuring high quality deliveries. Our testing center provides the test services used for all delivered packages.


Nearshore-Romania has a mature organization structure with a mainly flat hierarchy which gives us the speed and flexibility to adapt to project and customer needs.


Today’s world is changing fast and innovation is our key aspect for our customers’ success. Nearshore-Romania  is focusing on research activity with full strength; thanks to our solutions and services, our customers can exploit the results. We explore different subjects that companies and enterprises deal with and we develop solutions for the future.

Delivery on time

Delivery on time is a high priority for Nearshore-Romania team. We implement and run strict procedures that are used by our teams in all their activity. We always deliver in due time.

Technical competence

We “breath” technology, our specialists are up to date with latest developments on their field. Our expertise on leading platforms and technologies allows us to deliver best solutions for your requirements.

Domain knowledge competence

Our competences are not reduced to technical ones; we have a deep knowledge of the relevant core business processes, particularly in manufacturing, retail, logistic, IT.

Project Transparency

All projects details are transparent to our customers: project plan and status, task assignments and issues/tickets. We give you access to our internal project planning and monitoring infrastructure at the detail level you require.

Staff members

We get best results from our staff because we provide a healthy work life balance and flexible working hours and locations. All these and an open communication favor the harmony between family and work commitments. Nearshore-Romania has a stable, organic growth with very low staff turnover over years.


Based on our specific business model we deliver high value at a good price.