Nice to meet you! Now, let’s get down to work!

When you decide to consider working with us we are already thinking of the next steps of the collaboration startup. Some steps can be combined or order changed depending on each situation. Shortly, this is how things happen:

1. Confidentiality agreement

By signing a NDA agreement, we create a safe ground for both parties – you and us. From this point on, we can analyze business opportunities in depth.

2. Request for information

We respond to RFI with all data and information needed for you to make a decision – similar projects, technical and business experience, CVs of the team, presentations.

3. Request for project

First, we listen and communicate with you to understand your project request. Then, our specialists create a feasibility study based on our knowledge to see how the project can be realized with maximum benefit for you. In this phase it is possible that sometimes a small prototype is created in order to prove the concept/technical approach/ collaboration model.

4. Collaboration agreement

The collaboration agreement cover all terms and conditions in a transparent manner: SLA, key milestones, timeline, costs and KPIs. We provide legal review so that nothing is lost sight of.

5. Projects

Less talking, more doing! Once the start is right, and the details set, we can kick off the project. Now that all the work is on us, expect spectacular results!