“Eliminating the functionality issues, we improved the user interface and performance of the upgraded solution.”


The customer ordered Testing & QA services for a responsive complex web application for workforce management, WebPlanner, developed by our very team of software engineers. For the application to meet its objectives of optimizing operations and rightsizing staff, it should be faultless.

Testing QA Services Nearshore

Solution Implemented

A dedicated Project Manager put together an experimented team of testers and QA engineers who exploited Telerik automated testing suite to cover each and all modules of the scheduling application – dashboard, reporting, managing data, requests.

Applying Agile methodologies, QA engineers communicate in a traceable manner with:

  • the client: deliver test plans, test cases and test results;
  • software engineers for any exceptions occurred and test script incompatibilities;
  • designer for any amendments in the GUI design needed for usability process alignment;
  • PM for any exceptions as to software package as a whole.


To identify issues earlier in the test process as well as to test the system as a whole, our team performed the automated testing by different approaches:

  • functional testing to check if the output complies with requirements, using customized black-box testing;
  • incremental integration testing so that bugs do not get their way while new functionalities are added;
  • integration testing to verify if modules combine naturally and functionality does not suffer;
  • end-to-end testing in a real-life-like context;
  • entire system testing in which case we use black-box testing to cover all combined parts of the application;
  • compatibility testing as essential testing for a responsive web application that users may open with Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari or on mobile devices (Android, iOS tablets);
  • regression testing of the application as a whole for the modification in any module or functionality.

Ongoing testing is applied until the product meets all business requirements


Telerik Test Studio is the automated testing tool we recommended as it supports technologies the developer colleagues built the application on: .NET, Kendo, HTML5, WCF Web Services.

Our QA team exploited the Telerik Test Studio to build and execute test plans and test cases, set up staging environment, set up automated testing environment, (recordings or test scripts), maintain


With a team of QA engineers covering multiple levels of testing, success of the responsive web application is guaranteed. Proof is its staying #1 user-friendly staffing app while being upgraded to work on current mobile technologies.

Automated and functional testing were used for the highest quality of the resulting product in terms of robustness and usability.

  • fast and smooth development
  • less resources for regression testing
  • free bug application
  • shorter time to the market


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Testing & QA

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  • Quality custom software development
  • End -user satisfaction
  • Short time to market
  • Quantifiable value
  • Guaranteed performance level
  • Reduced and controlled costs
  • Managed risks
  • Good value-for-money
  • Flexibility