Web Applications

Most current day enterprise software applications are using custom, built-in security solutions to provide identity management and operational isolation based on specific corporate criteria. Often the implementation of these solutions is replicated across more than one application, or different software applications used inside the same company are employing a variety of similar solutions. This leads to the need of having a unified concept for application provisioning and identity management. It’s what our Domain Role User Management Library (DRUM) solves.

Quick Facts
Client location:Germany
  • Software development on multiple platforms: Java, PHP and MS.NET using RDBMS, and web servers (i.e. Tomcat, IIS) and REST web services.
Level of Services:
  • SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT: Software architecture design, Development, Implementation, Software test, Project management
  • TESTING QUALITY: Functional testing, Load/Performance testing, Static testing
About Customer


Domain Role User Management Library

The customer uses DRUM as the central piece of the client application providing internal, decoupled, service registries. The library ensures a common conversational platform for the rest of the application modules. Each of the application modules will be seen as a distinct set of services, implementing specific technological and business requirements.