“The idea of the TraSer project came out of companies need to control and manage the life cycle of electronic documents.”


The product concept emerged within the TraSer research project where the concept of tracking/tracing entities had to be tested on virtual entities (i.e. electronic documents, files) as well. Therefore a Desktop application had to be developed, that used the TraSer server in order to keep track of different electronic documents, which are an important asset.
The idea of the TraSer project came out of companies need to control and manage the life cycle of electronic documents. And the solution proposed was to track & trace electronic documents.

Document Management System

Solution Implemented

Nearshore-Romania took the idea of the TraSer research project and evolved it into this standalone product – the File Tracking Client with application in reality.
File Tracking Client was developed as a desktop application based on the Gui4J framework.

It uses a FTP server to store the files content and a mail server to send notifications. All these connection details are specified on start-up, including the main servers address.

It basically provides a tree view of all the managed files (along with their versions) and offers all the features described in the first section.

The demo version of the application can be downloaded from filetracking.sourceforge.net.

It is a simple installer that connects to a demo server hosted by Nearshore-Romania. You only need to have a JRE 5 or higher installed.

Why to use document management systems?

Document management is different from supply chain management in that of the closed circulation in the former, and the flow-through in the latter.
In document management systems, location and status of the documents are provided to their users. Information from the identification points is centralized in the tracking database and it provides individual control across location and/or time.
Documents are identified at high speed and accuracy, while the user has control over the access and location of the documents.

File Tracking Solutions

Track and Trace

Purpose of file tracking

The main purpose of the pilot was to find ways to detect the latest or other desired version of the document among the group of files. The TraSer decentralized document tracking system offers solution for tracking both the Flow of Information (Externally and Internally) and the Change of Information (creations, revisions, deletions: Externally and Internally to the co.). Such tracking is essential part of the corporate risk management and competitiveness.


File Tracking is client-dedicated with its document and file management that offers:

  • document / file management and versioning
  • file encryption
  • email notification
  • check in / out and use of tracking and tracing unique notation for files (ID@URI notation) provided by TraSer server
  • actual files are saved on a FTP location that is stored on the server as an entity property
  • TraSer’s Electronic Data Tracking enables Access Control & Monitoring and Revision Control and Monitoring of files


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