“We liked best that our requirements where the first to be taken into account when designing the project.”


The Projects Review System (PReS) is a system designed for Project evaluation/reviews inside an organization.

The solution is created in order to help project managers and the organization executives to track the evolution of the projects in real time and detect the issues as soon as possible.

The necessary costs to fix the problems will be reduced and the probability of success will increase.

The client was using a commercial ERP solution P2Plus, but needed additional functionality which was not implemented in the standard solution.

The client has used the product for several years and at some point decided to try to improve the costs and waiting times needed for the project customization.

They hired us to customize and extend the application according to their requirements.

Solution Implemented

The access to PReS is made through a simple web browser -no additional software needs to be installed.

The solution was designed to be used by international organizations which develop activities in several locations around the globe and it has support for international users: each user can choose the language – as a consequence, the interface and questionnaires will be displayed accordingly.

The solution allows permanent project evaluation by questionnaires on the entire project course, evaluation at the end of each stage and final evaluations.The results of the process can be monitored by the project managers in the Evaluation Report.

The evaluation consists of identifying the strong points and weak points of the project management staff, to help avoiding the weak parts and to apply the methods proved to be efficient.

Project Evaluation System

Project Development

The project was developed using AGILE methodology, based on the customer’s requirements. For kick-off one person from our team worked with the customer at their location.

The project management was ensured by Nearshore-Romania as well as the software architecture, actual development and maintenance works.

We have also delivered the installation kit (msi that included all .exe, .dll as well as database configuration and setup).


The system was implemented using the Microsoft.NET platform and the SQL Server. They were used because they allow fast processes and in depth support for web services, easily integrating various OS (the product is web-based and the access requires a standard web browser).

The technologies used were MS.NET, ASPX, Web Services, XML, and HTML.

VSS was used for source code management.

Microsoft Certified company

Microsoft Certification

The product has been certified by Microsoft for Windows 2003 Server, according to Microsoft Windows 2003 Server demands, Web Services and .NET Framework, which guarantees adequate utilization of Microsoft technology by Nearshore-Romania. Application and certification process was ensured by our dedicated development center.


The evaluations and the graphics generated by PReS can be used to:

  • survey the project evolution
  • compute the project value – the project is likely to be finished within the planned amount of time and money and predict the project outcome
  • monitor project manager performance and abilities


Software Consulting

Requirements management
System analysis
Risk analysis
Process management

Software Development

Architecture design
Software implementation
Software test
Project management

Software Services

User training
Software maintenance
Performance tuning
User training

Testing & QA

Functional testing
Unit testing
Automated testing
Load/Performance testing
Static testing

Standardized ITMS Services

Change/ Problem/ Incident/ Release management


  • Quality custom software development
  • End -user satisfaction
  • Short time to market
  • Quantifiable value
  • Guaranteed performance level
  • Reduced and controlled costs
  • Managed risks
  • Good value-for-money
  • Flexibility