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Proven Software Development since 1994

Nearshore-Romania provides software development outsourcing services with expertise in multiple industries .
We play with cutting-edge technologies to build innovative products and support business transformations.


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Software Product

What customers appreciate is our expertise finished by the final touch of soft skills

Dedicated Development

A very popular solution among companies for cost-effective extended development resources

Testing & QA

Agile approach, tailored to meet each client’s specific needs and environment

IT Managed

Boost your application portfolio for a perfect balance between production and costs.

Mobile Application

Full-cycle development of innovative and scalable mobile solutions

We provide high class Java software development services, backed up by responsive attitude, low risk, competitive rates, dedicated and experienced specialists.

We build effective .NET applications that requires mature object oriented design and enterprise class implementation skills. Our consultants are true experts in requirements gathering, design, project management, implementation and enterprise deployment.

We have the necessary expertise in web development services to hold your web applications together. You will enjoy the results: visual but rich content, engaged UI/UX experience, increased efficiency of your applications, responsiveness.

We are committed to providing the best mobile solutions, bridging the WWW with the Mobile Application World. Our range of Mobile Application Development platforms and programming languages includes Windows, J2ME, Android, iOS, Objective C.

The main objective of an IT service management is the alignment of IT services to current and future needs of the company and its customers. With us customers benefit of 100% reliable solutions.

Our technical experience is a continuously improved asset. We have no technological limits – if asked for a technology not listed in our area of technical experience, we have willing and capable resources of learning and implementing it. We also enlarge our know-how by our own motivation, through regular trainings and workshops.

Our Liferay consulting services enable customers to leverage the power of real-time information and collaboration to gain numerous organizational and business benefits.

We have proven capabilities and skill-set in IBM Lotus technologies to deliver enhanced value to power social businesses with improved collaboration, mobile and web application development.

We are time-proven experts in delivering outsourced cloud-based solutions to the most disrupting services with complex technical and business requirements.

With Oracle e-Business Suite we provide scalable, industry-focused, affordable, integrated, proven applications for your business processes that reduce costs and increase productivity.

Nearshore-Romania enables businesses transform delivery processes by managing production infrastructure and building an effective collaboration environment.

We provide full-cycle development of innovative and scalable mobile solutions from architecture, to back-end development, front-end development and quality control.



"Proven outstanding technical competence with MS.NET and SharePoint in dealing with our highly complex project. With flawless skills they delivered quality results in very satisfying timeframe."

Christian – CTO at C&S GmbH – Germany

What your team did for us was more than just develop a mobile application. They helped us have our mission covered, by flawlessly mastering mobile technologies: Android, iOS or AWS Web-Services and PHP. Dedicated team deliver rapid results at high quality.

John – CEO at RSTech – USA

"Software development more than satisfying web based CRM and delivered it faster than expected. We were impressed by their commitment and deep understanding of the industry FMTec operates in. Good job, guys!"

Marius – Head of R&D at FMTec GmbH – Austria

"Web portal solution for team management. More that 100 team members per project are efficient working each day with the team portal. Professional quality of your services cover requirements management, software development and maintenance."

Renata – PM at Pegaso – Italy