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We offer reliable nearshore outsourcing services for your software development or IT projects

Software Product Development

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When you are looking for cost-effective extended software development resources, the solution is nearshore

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You get great software products when we mix well-trained developers with best-class technologies

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Software Testing and Quality Assurance services tailored to meet each client’s specific needs and environment

IT Managed Services

Give your applications a boost for the perfect production-cost balance with reliable IT Management services

Mobile App Development

Welcome your clients with innovative and scalable mobile solutions where they will eventually look for you

Leverage the power of real-time collaboration with one-stop portal development solutions: streamline operations, strengthen partner and supplier relationship, boost productivity, optimize costs, enrich user experience.

Outsource your dream Cloud-based solutions with complex technical and business requirements and we’ll make it happen.

Transform your delivery processes by letting us build an effective collaboration environment and manage your production infrastructure.

Feel free to move around with enterprise mobile solutions developed from architecture to backend and frontend development and further to quality control.

Build a community out of your business! With well mastered Notes development skills, we deliver enterprise web and mobile collaborative applications to empower teams.

Take a stand on your market! With Oracle e-Business Suite we create industry-focused applications for business processes that reduce costs and increase productivity.

"Proven outstanding technical competence with MS.NET and SharePoint in dealing with our highly complex project. With flawless skills they delivered quality results in very satisfying timeframe."

Christian – CTO at C&S GmbH – Germany

What your team did for us was more than just develop a mobile application. They helped us have our mission covered, by flawlessly mastering mobile technologies: Android, iOS or AWS Web-Services and PHP. Dedicated team deliver rapid results at high quality.

John – CEO at RSTech – USA

"Software development more than satisfying web based CRM and delivered it faster than expected. We were impressed by their commitment and deep understanding of the industry FMTec operates in. Good job, guys!"

Marius – Head of R&D at FMTec GmbH – Austria

"With the team management web portal solution you developed for us, more that 100 team members per project are now working efficiently each day. Professional quality of your services covered requirements management, software development and maintenance."

Renata – PM at Pegaso – Italy
April 5, 2019

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