“In the Real Estate business perfect timing with the clients’ needs is essential. This is exactly what Nearshore-Romania helped us with by developing the mobile application for us.”


Our customer in the Real Estate industry is focused on being at reach for its potential clients. The next natural step is to do this beyond their physical premises by going mobile. So, we took the opportunity to develop this user-friendly mobile application that takes people closer to their new homes and ensures our client’s increase in business.

Solution Implemented

Nearshore-Romania developed a fully equipped mobile application offering all functionalities for users to enjoy a great experience, be permanently informed while keeping their dynamic life style. The app is for the real estate company as well as for its leads and clients. Thus, we made sure the application is GDPR compliant so that we can build the account functionalities that gives the users the freedom to customize their preferences.

We built an admin dashboard to make our customer’s employees’ life easier. For example, it allows fast high-quality video/photo upload and customization of the properties posted. Also, the mobile app allows the clients create their own account personalized according to their individual needs and preferences.

Real-time information reaches the client by notifications pushed in the mail or in the mobile app based on certain parameters that meet the client’s preferences and the property features (location, price, availability time, etc.)

All functionalities, such as the wishlist, real-time property status (sold, expired, etc.) are user-centric, so that users access faster the properties they are interested in. At the same time, the app features make the life of the agent easier and increase business for the client. We also integrated a map plugin to offer users directions to the property they are interested in.


The customer now has a brand-new app to cover its entire real-estate business:

  • offer its clients a modern and handy application to keep in touch with their real estate interests
  • deal with specific daily operations in an efficient manner and specific to the real-estate industry
  • worry less about working flow and reports and be more preoccupied with adding value to the client

The application really enables the customer to align its business to current market demands:

  • be where the clients are, that is everywhere
  • coordinate real estate operations in an efficient manner
  • be flexible while being functional and reliable


To achieve these objectives, we covered the full life cycle of custom software development services, mastering high-quality technology with excellent human skills.
Technologies and tools our team used for this project include:

  • Backend development: Laravel, RESTful Web Services
  • Database development: MySQL
  • Firebase for Push notifications
  • Mobile development: Ionic, Angular, Bootstrap, JavaScript, CSS/HTML5 to ensure a responsive UI

Nearshoring Advantages

  • Quality custom software development
  • End-user satisfaction
  • Short time to market
  • Quantifiable value
  • Guaranteed performance level
  • Reduced and controlled costs
  • Managed risks
  • Good value-for-money
  • Flexibility

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